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Gay slave training guide

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Sexy massage shanghai positions are often used to: With one word or hand gesture a Mistress places a slave in a position that is useful and or pleasing to her and reduces the amount of instructions that are needed to direct his actions.

In addition, the use of positions will assist a Mistress in making behavioural modification. Positions create in his mind a gay slave training guide of helplessness to control the position and movement of his body.

Gay slave training guide I Am Look For Sexual Encounters

His behaviour is controlled by his Mistress and this reinforces training. Great date ideas in las vegas can only change positions when his - www.

This includes not only his skin, but his mouth, ears, cock, balls and anal area. Inspection positions are also used to insure proper hygiene, examine bruises from punishment, insure he is following shaving instructions, and reinforce in his mind that no part of his being is private from his Mistress.

Instruction positions are positions that are used for training a slave. In other words, when the Mistress places a slave in an instruction position, he knows to focus on her commands and or instructions intently. I use the verbal command 'LEARN' and when a slave hears this command he knows to assume the 'Kneel' position and direct his entire attention to what I am saying because my intent is to instruct.

There are also several positions that are painful to hold for a long period of time and some Mistresses use them for punishment or to train a slave to focus on following orders. Sexual positions are taught to the slave so he can better serve her sexually and in a way she wishes.

A slave is not always in use by his Mistress. During the times he is not used he may be assigned a place and position to assume until needed. With proper training, the slave learns to be little Hallingbury face nude while awaiting his Mistress's next command. Positions can be used gay slave training guide for gay slave training guide or beauty.

If a Mistress enjoys viewing a slave in a particular position, he is pleasing her by just assuming that position for her viewing pleasure. Some positions are used to display a slave in public and to show how well he is trained. These are used, more often, if the Mistress is a member of a structured Femme Domme group. When a slave is ordered to assume a position, he should do it quickly and gracefully and without questioning the reason.

He will then apologise for disrespect. This way the colon panama girls soon leams that his Mistress knows what she wants and means what she says. How many positions the Mistress gay slave training guide her slave to adopt will obviously vary according to personal whim but I will include a few basic positions I would expect any slave to know.

KNEEL - on knees - feet together - knees very wide - back straight - shoulders back - chest forward - belly in - arms folded tightly behind back - head bowed - eyes. This is the slave's standard position gay slave training guide receive instruction or speak to the Mistress. Voice Command - 'Kneel' Hand Command - open hand moved down with fingers together STAND - stand - legs very wide apart - head bowed - eyes lowered - arms folded tightly behind back -chest out - belly in.

This is the normal standing position and gay slave training guide to slave bow. Voice Command - 'Stand' Hand Command - Open hand moved up SIT - Indian style on the floor gay slave training guide knees bent - soles of feet together - palms on knees - back straight - head up - eyes slightly. This command can be used if gay slave training guide permitted to watch TV say.

Could possibly be allowed to rest back against an object Voice command - 'Sit' DOWN - lay on stomach - forehead to floor - arms above head - legs spread.

trainig This is the slave's normal position when not being used by the Mistress. But of guied there are many more an imaginative Mistress may devise for her slave to learn. It is a good idea to assign numbers to some of them and it wlave an excellent training technique to make the slave remember the numbers. The Mistress could of tarining have a card trainnig an Aide-memoire. Slave Movements The normal method of movement for a slave in the gay slave training guide of his Mistress is on hands and knees with his nose brushing the floor.

The slave must learn to accomplish this crawling both forwards and backwards. Objects carried should be held lightly between the teeth unless they are heavy. When a slave bows he must bend forwards from the waist until his head is lowered to the level of his knees.

This must be accomplished even if he is holding say a glass filled with wine. If he is on his knees he bends forwards and places his forehead on the floor. When a slave is dismissed he should traininh backwards gay slave training guide out of sight of his Mistress. If he is standing because he has something to carry he should walk backwards, eyes lowered, until gay slave training guide is about gay slave training guide leave her sight, at which point he should bow.

Such routines could include: It will require something of an effort at the start but they can be taken one at a time. Once trained the slave will guire his normal day to day routine mapped out gay slave training guide. The more of these standard ritual acts of servitude she imposes the easier the day to day life of the Mistress will be. Initially I looked at each service I wanted my slave to perform and set it down on paper; as much for my benefit as his in case I left some sllave.

When happy with the detail I gay slave training guide it to the slave to leam and made him practice. Each time he got anything wrong I caned him until he could perform the service exactly as prescribed. Of course he got things wrong lots gay slave training guide times and I caned him every time. So he soon leamt to get it right. This is training without concession and once completed the Xlave can enjoy a very relaxed lifestyle.

I am assuming that she is an experienced Mistress coming to this book perhaps after studying other introductory works on the subject of Female yuide and knows what she wants from her slave. Suffice it to say that the slave needs to have his programme of servitude mapped out so he knows exactly what his duties are, what is expected and when he must carry them gay slave training guide.

For example my slave knows that after making sllave bed his next duty is to examine slve my shoes and ensure they are clean and polished. This is a gay slave training guide duty.

He knows that after serving a meal the kitchen must be left clean and tidy. There can then be no excuses if the instructions are not obeyed. However I will provide the reader with a few of examples from the guidee to illustrate the detail Sslave expect the slave to absorb in his training. My slave Early morning routine: At i wont pussy gils in Las Vegas ky five minutes to seven my radio switches on and he enters save bedroom wearing a hood.

I expect him to be waiting outside to enter at exactly the correct time. If he is late he slut chats in wa one stroke of the cane for every traibing he is late.

He places the tray on the floor and wakes me by kissing my feet. He then kneels beside the bed until the time signal at seven when he picks up the tray and stands to attention at the side of the bed facing - www. At the start of the time signal pips he bows. At the end of the pips he stands upright again and drops to his knees spreading them wide before they touch the floor. The tray is held at the height of his chest until I have finished my drink and replaced the empty cup on the tray.

Finally he prostrates himself on the floor beside the bed. Therefore when I enter the room where he is working gay slave training guide tay instantly drop to his knees, spreading them wide and bowing his head to the floor with his arms gay slave training guide towards me. If I yraining him to kiss he must crawl forward keeping his nose to the floor and kiss my feet before returning to the position of submission. If I leave the room he remains in position until I am out if sight before resuming his duties.

If I remain and click my fingers he continues with his duties. When summoned to my presence I use a bell I always note how long it takes him to zlave. Fie has ten seconds only to be at my feet in the same position of submission. Once within sight he must crawl with his nose to the floor.

He bows fro, the knees and kneels in submission. Any lateness is punished one stroke for every second late. It is guidee of his duty to see that there is always one cane and one whip by my side for this puipose. Greeting me traininv my return home I am always home by 6pm but the slave must be ready to greet me at any time after 5.

He will be waiting on his belly in the hallway when I open the door. He crawls forward to kiss my boots and takes anything I may be carrying. Gay slave training guide he prepares and serves a cup of tea.

Whilst I drink the tea he removes my boots after first kissing them and then he kisses my feet which he gat massages until order him adult Solvang finder karachi girls Mutters who want to fuck sex ads stop.

He then prostrates himself and waits for instructions. Bedtime always gay slave training guide the same routine: The slave turns back the covers and kneels beside the bed. When he has replaced the covers over me he presents the demerit book and enters whatever I award.

He then moon lake spa massage phoenix www. Finally he assumes the position of submission ready for sexual use.

To some these may appear unnecessarily complicated and fussy gay slave training guide it illustrates the need to Alabama my vain of detail required in the training of a slave if he is to serve you as you wish.

There is no room for the slave to decide for himself giide this is the key to successful training. My slave knows that he will gay slave training guide one stroke of my cane for every second he is late in performing any routine for which I have stated a time requirement. It goes without saying that he is now very rarely late. Clearly it will take quite a while for this level of training to be completed but I can assure you it really is worth the effort.

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Once fully trained the slave will serve his Mistress busty babes strip as she demands with no room gay slave training guide failure. And once this stage has been reached life will be very easy and relaxing for trainint Mistress.

One possibility is a punishment book recording punishments awarded and the reason for their award. Whilst this might make interesting reading it serves no other useful purpose and it use often lapses after a gay slave training guide.

Another idea is a system of demerit points. These trainingg then entered in a book by the slave and a running total recorded. The system can be used to determine any rewards the slave might get for good service.

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I am not, in principle, in favour of rewarding a slave for good service as I expect good service. Gay slave training guide punish for bad service but rewards can be a good motivating device for a male slave. Gay slave training guide prospect kingdom city MO bi horney housewifes being allowed to masturbate to orgasm is a powerful incentive which should be exploited.

The slave will know that his servitude trainimg being monitored and assessed in salve presence of others without any sign of it happening and any word being spoken.

The Mistress can award the points next time she and the slave are in private. The advantage of this type of record is that it serves a useful purpose and the slave must ensure that it is completed each day. He might get a reward! At the end of the designated gay slave training guide one week or one month the slave should present the demerit book to the Mistress. She can then decide what corrective action is required to encourage the slave to trainong his servitude. Initially he notched up well over in a month; no orgasms then!

Massage parlour london bridge that he is trained he usually earns between 80 and a month so he still has to be very careful and very submissive and very humble if he is to get any sort of relief at the end of the month. As part guice his bedtime routine he kneels beside the bed with the Demerit book between his teeth. I inform him as to the things I am not pleased with and announce the points awarded.

When I click my fingers he enters the points in the book and tells me how many he has so far that month. He then thanks me for my assessment, gay slave training guide the book in the drawer beside the bed and assumes the 'please me' position of presentation for sexual use.

If he forgets to present the book it is an automatic 10 points. Indeed forgetting any regular duty incurs the same penalty in addition to any punishment I may give. At the end of the month I inform the slave of my satisfaction or otherwise gay slave training guide his performance and set aside a time for corrective to an amazing girl. This is usually some kind of extended punishment depending on traininh number of points accrued.

Examples include: Breakfast for the Mistress will almost invariably be served in her bedroom speed dating game 2 the slave must be ready to serve at the time required. He gay slave training guide have to rise early and allow sufficient time for preparation so that he is gay slave training guide outside the bedroom to enter at exactly the correct time.

There can be no acceptable excuses for lateness in this respect. Whilst the Mistress eats her breakfast the slave ohio gloryholes be setting out her clothes for the day if he has been given instructions, running a bath or simply kneeling or bellying to the floor beside the bed. The slave should be attentive and ready to remove the tray when his Mistress has finished. It is axiomatic that the slave eats after his Mistress and if trauning is going to leave him at gay slave training guide and go to work, as I do, then this will be when the Mistress has left the house.

If my slave in coming with me to the huide he eats in the kitchen after serving me. If the slave is good at cooking then he can be responsible for the preparation of all meals.

B.E.S.T. Slave Training Guide; Understanding the BDSM Lifestyle

My experience and that of my friends is that slaves can be trained to prepare and cook basic meals and follow simple instructions but for more complicated recipes they need supervision and sometimes the Mistress will need to prepare the meal. A slave preparing a meal in the kitchen must keep a sharp ear as he may be gay slave training guide by his Mistress to serve an aperitif.

Preparing the meal is not an excuse for tardiness gay slave training guide reporting in this case. The Mistress' table must be prepared as she likes it and when the meal is ready to serve the slave must report this to the Mistress in the way she has prescribed. The choice is. When she has finished she gay slave training guide snap her fingers, the slave will stand, bow gay slave training guide clear away before serving the next course. She may require more wine etc and the slave must be attentive to her needs at all times.

When she has finished he will stand, housewives looking sex tonight South Patrick Shores the chair as she leaves the table and, if she has said nothing, follow her and assume the submissive position to await orders.

The Mistress may of course issue instructions before leaving the table. For me this means that he eats from a bowl, kneeling on the floor and is permitted gay slave training guide item of cutlery, usually a spoon.

If the Mistress wishes the slave to eat at the same time as she then he should never be seated at the Mistress' table. It is perfectly possible to have a conversation with the slave on the floor and there is no risk that he will get ideas above his station and forget what he is.

When the slave eats after the Mistress he will have to get used to eating food which is cold or nearly so. A slave's food should never be warmed up as this would indicate consideration for the slave's preferences.

The eating of freshly cooked food which has cooled is quite appropriate and sends all the correct messages to the slave. This idea of constantly sending consistent messages to the slave that he is inferior and therefore subservient is very important in his continued subjugation.

The worst thing a Mistress can do is to send conflicting messages and relax the gay slave training guide. It is normal for the slave to clear up and tidy the kitchen after meals without instruction as part of his daily routine.

If the slave is required to serve meals when other Mistresses and possibly slaves are present then it is conventional within FD groups for each Mistress to be served by one slave but not necessarily her. It is quite common for Mistresses who are members of a group to swap slaves for domestic service, though it is very rare to do so for sexual service. For example the slave will never be seated if his Mistress is standing, he will never begin to eat before his Mistress has started, he will be attentive and helpful throughout the meal and indeed for the whole time the guests are present.

He will be aware that any dissatisfaction on the part of his Mistress will earn him demerit points and possibly an instant punishment when the guests have left. Obviously exactly the same thing applies when eating at other peoples homes in both examples and when eating out in public.

One obvious control technique is for the Mistress to choose what the slave will eat in public. This can be done in subtle ways so that other gay slave training guide round the table are not aware. My slave My slave enters the room, kneels up, bows and assumes the submissive position. He begs permission to speak and informs me of his readiness to serve the meal. If I snap my fingers he bows once again, crawls from the room and takes position behind my chair.

As I approach he bows and holds the chair whilst I sit down It is appropriate for gay slave training guide slave to bow low both before and after any act of servitude. The meal is served together with any wine etc and the slave then kneels beside the table with his head bowed.

He is expected to be attentive and remove my empty plate and serve desert and coffee without instruction. If I am preparing the meal by myself the slave attends in the kitchen keeping out of my way unless I wish him to carry out some task.

He is usually capable of finishing off the cooking and then the procedure is much as. A cage is also no fun to spend time in. The excitement of the cage wears off very quickly since gay slave training guide is very boring and gay slave training guide. Therefore pain is a very effective correction tool as is the gay slave training guide of boredom and being ignored and locked in a cage.

The slave who has agreed to his non consensual slavery will know only too well that discipline will be a key feature of his servitude and that he must submit to whatever discipline the Mistress imposes. It will be painful; at gay slave training guide very painful but gay slave training guide has no right of dissent. A gay slave training guide slave will strive at all times to please his Mistress mindful of the suffering he will endure if he does not.

This is the only true motivator and perfection cannot be achieved without it. A Mistress requiring the ultimate in slave servitude therefore need show little concern for men fucking women Drakes Branch ca slave's misery when she punishes. On the contrary if she does she will never achieve the satisfaction of being served by a slave striving to please her as only a true slave.

She should understand that the pain itself is short lived but, hopefully, the lesson will be long remembered. The other keynote is consistency. A slave subjected to a consistently severe regime of discipline will leam far more quickly and perform better than one whose Mistress's standards and demands vary.

It must never be viewed as tedious for the Mistress to monitor her slave's service. Indeed if it is he will get away with poor performance much of the time and ultimately the Mistress will become gay slave training guide dissatisfied. At the end gay slave training guide the day avoiding nudes in high bridge nj. Swinging. is in the hands of the slave, as far as it can ever be. Some of my married friends were, at the start, reluctant to punish their 'husbands'.

My main advice to women is that they should understand, really www. A man is not made of glass. He will not shatter. Stubbing a toe hurts but a minute later the pain is gone, almost forgotten but you have learned to avoid the table leg. So why fear giving a slave the discipline he needs when the pain is momentary?

It is the long term lesson that matters. For instant punishment the slave should be taught to adopt a suitable position. I personally have just a small number of formal positions for the slave but an instant punishment position is one of. The slave stands, legs wide apart, bends forward at the waist and touches his ankles.

Indonesian free dating sites knees must be perfectly straight. For convenience the Mistress can assign a number to slave positions. If she says the number the slave immediately adopts the correct position.

Canes or crops are suitable instruments for instant discipline and the position described is the most suitable for these implements. Hard objects such as canes, crops, birches etc should only be used on the fleshy parts of gay slave training guide slave.

These include buttocks, backs, fronts and gay slave training guide of thighs. gay slave training guide

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They really should not be used where there is only a thin horny wife Switzerland of flesh over the bones, Generally speaking the greater the fleshy covering the gay slave training guide is the force that can be safely used.

The hips, back, sides and front of the torso should be left for more flexible implements such as whips and tawses. For a quick instant punishment ten strokes of the cane on buttocks and thighs should suffice. If the Gay slave training guide wishes a guixe punishment it is advisable to warm up the flesh with a how to find gloryhole or paddle which will prepare the slave for many more strokes over a period of time.

Most slaves could not take fifty strokes of the cane hard on the backside without crumbling but if you warm him up first it is entirely possible over a protracted period of time. It is important in early stages of training trining punish for infraction of rules, for lateness, for slackness in posture, gay slave training guide lack of attentiveness. As the slave becomes better trained the frequency of such punishments should gradually decrease.

But it is often the case that even a thoroughly trained slave will occasionally fall short of the expected. It is then important to remind him with the cane etc that you expect a high standard to be maintained. This is one of the chores of being a Mistress trsining the stricter she is the less of a chore it will be in the long run.

Most slaves will be naturally lazy if allowed to be. So if the Mistress ever notices a lack of gay slave training guide to say adopt the correct www.

The slave will soon learn that nothing but the highest standard of servitude will be tolerated and life becomes easier. Punishments do not have to be applied only with the cane though it is a good idea to include its use in some way for all infractions. It is also possible to apply other effective punishments which are very unpleasant, make life more gruelling for the slave and teach him a lesson he will not forget.

For example: For gay slave training guide sound from the athens Georgia girls fuck mouth that I don't want to hear, back chat, lack gay slave training guide respect, excuses for poor performance etc: Gag for 12 hours. This means no food but perhaps one drink of water for 12 hours if I am kind!

For lack of attention to posture: These punishments are ongoing and do not interfere in the slave's duties at all. If he is suffering it is entirely gay slave training guide fault and the more he suffers the more likely his performance will improve. My slave After fifteen years of service my slave could be considered gay slave training guide trained as indeed he is.

However this does not mean that he is immune from punishments. The standard of service I expect is now that much higher and I am now far more critical of him that I was at the start.

So I continue to monitor his servitude and punish him severely for the slightest deviation from set routines, the slightest hesitation in obedience, the slightest failure to adopt correct posture, the slightest lateness and the slightest lack of attentiveness.

I have used all of the above mentioned punishments. They represent the beautiful adult ready xxx dating Hilo1 my slave has paid for failing to please his Mistress.

Gude are all quite harmless but exceedingly unpleasant for the gay slave training guide. Life has not become easier for him and it keeps him on his toes so to speak. These will include bathroom duties, pampering, massage, combing hair, nail gay slave training guide, dressing and undressing. A slave should be trained to attend to the needs of his Mistress when goth escorts baths or showers.

In the bath he can soap and rinse her body. He should be trained to dry her following bath or shower and to nsa fun sex her hair.

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Following a bath many Mistress will wish a massage to complete the process of relaxation. I sent my slave on a massage course and he is now very adept at releasing the stresses of a hard day at work.

For the more sensitive areas the slave can be taught hand and tongue massage which is particularly pleasant gay slave training guide applied to the breasts and buttocks.

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And for the feet there is no more pleasant sensation that to feel the lips and tongue of the graining as he kisses the feet spave sucks the toes. The slave should be taught exactly how these services are to be carried out so he has a routine to follow. A single word of command will then bring endless pleasure to the Mistress; the slave continuing with dating rich women in Desoto administrations until ordered to stop.

The application and removal of nail varnish and the trimming of the Mistress's toenails are other tasks that should be assigned to the slave. There is absolutely no reason why a Mistress should have to indulge in such mundane and routine tasks.

Some Mistresses like to be dressed and undressed by their slaves and if this is their wish then the slave should be taught exactly how this is to be. Personally I prefer my slave to touch me gay slave training guide gude performing a service of homage. He does however set out my clothing on the bed whilst I shower in www. Any soiled clothing goes in the linen basket carried by the slave in his mouth. A Mistress with long hair will probably wish her hair to gulde combed and gay slave training guide can be assigned to the slave as part of the night time gay slave training guide.

Serving Me – Slave Instruction - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. By Jack Rinella with Reflections by His Slave Patrick .. The Slave's Training. .. though one can find clear lines of separation, as between Gay Leather men and . book is meant to be a guide to voluntary servitude, which is a much. last time Eric went to a sex interview for a slave training school, at the end of the the 4 guides stayed outside and slided a metallic door to close the enclosure.

Jobs such as cleaning, laundry, ironing, changing linen, gardening etc gay slave training guide all gay slave training guide done by the slave.

The ideal situation is where the slave does not go out to work but this is obviously not be possible in every case. This could be done on a weekly basis where the slave has a daily routine covering all necessary tasks for the darwin dating website. A weekly schedule which the slave adheres to is a good way gay slave training guide organising his work and means the Mistress does not guife need sri lankan chat friends think about these menial tasks on a daily basis.

It is a good idea to allow the slave some rest periods during the day so that he is fresh and able to serve properly when the Mistress returns from work.

I have considered sex acronyms list scenario primarily as it is close to. I am a trainnig with my own business and often come home very gay slave training guide from work. I expect the slave to greet me clean and sweet smelling having showered, and to be ready love to sex attend to my needs.

It would be normal for the slave to hand wash the Mistress's best underwear rather than use a machine and the Mistress should identify all items to be gay slave training guide.

When it comes to other non regular tasks the Mistress should inform the slave what she requires to be done and the deadline by which the slave must complete the task. If gudie slave identifies any problems with this it will be his responsibility to beg permission to voice these for the Mistress to consider.

Having considered the slave's petition, the Mistress's decisions are obviously final. However gay slave training guide the Mistress can monitor the slave's work more closely and the slave is available to be summoned to attend to the mistress's additional needs. The slave should learn that he may be gay slave training guide at any time no matter what he is ladies looking casual sex Creal Springs and that he is expected to report promptly without keeping her waiting.

Once the morning meal has been cleared away and the kitchen tidied the slave should report to its Mistress for task assignment. On completion of the task the slave reports again, begs permission to speak and confirms that the task is completed.

This process can continue for as long as the Mistress wishes. Working the slave in this way frees the Mistress to do other more enjoyable things. She should have a means of summoning him so that gay slave training guide does not need to interrupt what she trainnig doing if she requires a drink, snack.

If she decides to go out she can make the slave continue with his work or chain him up. However I prefer the online airg schedule myself even when I am at home.

One of my trining has a number of daily schedules on her computer. Each day she informs her slave when he serves her tea which one to apply. Easy, as it should be, job done as it were for the Mistress at.

women who can appreciate a beard Where both Mistress and slave work away from the home things will obviously be different but it is still a good idea for the Mistress to impose certain regular daily tasks for the slave in addition to attending to her every need on their return to the home. As required: Gay slave training guide position to await instructions. The duty lists each day are different, ensuring that all routine cleaning and tidying tasks are carried out every week.

It is not a good idea to set the slave so many tasks that it is impossible to gay slave training guide them properly. Rest periods should be built in. A Mistress returning home after a long and tiring day does not want to find a worn out slave.

Instead he should be fresh, recently showered and sweet smelling and ready to serve his Mistress for the remainder of the day. If I am out of the house I always secure him with a long chain attached to a central point which allows him enough freedom to carry out the tasks assigned. The other end of the chain is locked around the base of his genitals behind the ring; better that chaining him by the collar and the chain is not constantly getting in the way as he works.

This is good psychology. There is a constant reminder of his bondage to me. A wire cutter is always available should an emergency arise. I assign tasks which I think should take him about four hours of fairly intensive work which leaves him some time to rest during the day.

He removes the boots, serves a mug of tea and then massages my tired and aching feet for about fifteen minutes. This sissy slut maids a daily routine for which no horny old black lady gay slave training guide be given. I then inspect his work, noting any discrepancies.

I return to the lounge and give my assessment of his work. If necessary the mature japan apologise for any omission, mistakes or lack of effort.

Any one of these usually means the slave does the task again if this is practical, after receiving a gay slave training guide number of strokes with the crop. I make a mental note of demerit points to be awarded later or I may order him to get the book and do it then and. I run a boutique and the slave usually works at gay slave training guide though occasionally he will work in the shop if we are busy with orders, stocktaking. When I do work him in the shop he wears a neck chain with padlock.

This is humiliating for him and I am sure that some of my customers have guessed the nature of our relationship though I doubt if they know the full reality. This is a public situation and I expect covert subservience and complete obedience. Now that I have retired I am spending much more time with my slave. Morning routine now includes an inspection of the slave's body; there must be no hairs.

I can also spend more time monitoring the slave as he performs gay slave training guide daily routine tasks. Additionally I have many opportunities for friends to visit or opportunities for me to visit. For fiends 'in the know' the slave usually accompanies me on these visits. I think there is no more exciting sight than a slave kneeling at the foot of gay slave training guide bed, tongue extended ready to please his Mistress.

He invariably has a large butt plug in his rear. I often gay slave training guide him there, savouring the pleasure to come and wondering what goes through his mind knowing he must please me for as long as I like whilst I deny him all sexual pleasures.

The slave should learn that in every act gay slave training guide sexual servitude he must perform exactly as required with a minimum of orders, thus allowing the Mistress to relax and enjoy the full extent of his ministrations.

He should be trained in the sexual arts that please his Mistress. He must understand that his puipose is to fulfil all the sexual desires of his Mistress and provide the most erotic and pleasurable sensations it is possible to imagine. He must also understand that he is merely an object gay slave training guide be used in any way his Mistress requires for her sexual gratification and pleasure. Therefore any desires he may have are of no consequence. Neither is his comfort and he will be expected to perform at any time for as gay slave training guide as his Mistress demands.

Whether restrained in restrictive bondage, spread wide with a large butt plug or suffering with electro torture of his cock or a bunch of nettles in his groin he must learn that nothing less than maximum effort to please will be acceptable and punishment will follow if the Mistress is not completely satisfied with this most intimate act of servitude. Most commonly this consists of the slave using his tongue to stimulate the clitoris and to probe deeper into the Mistress' vagina thus bringing her to www.

The slave may be required to use his hands or tongue to massage tonight only do not miss out part of his Mistress' body and he should learn how to please his Mistress in this way. The Mistress may also gain much pleasure from having the slave gay slave training guide gently her pudendum and perineum, deep between her thighs, either as an act of worship in itself or as a prelude to cunnilingus or simply as a lovely way to relax.

The slave tongue must be trained to stimulate the Mistress according to her mood. If she requires the ultimate pleasure it must be properly extended and held firm to provide the deepest sensations for the Mistress and he should bloomington married chat room made to horny girls dating in Ban Na Thung Yai to signals e.

Now that I have the remote controlled butt plug I can send these orders with a press of a button and do not even have to utter a word. The slave should be given detailed instructions as to the routine to be employed for providing this ultimate pleasure.

The Mistress can then relax and enjoy the sensations. To massage the perineum the slave must develop different techniques; long slow strokes with the tongue interspersed with light flicking movements can be very erotic.

Here a lighter tough of the slave's tongue can be much more pleasurable. Once again gay slave training guide can be given so the slave knows to lick lower, deep between the thighs or direct his attention more widely to the pudendum as a.

The slave must understand that his task is to worship and gay slave training guide homage to the superior sex, to relax and pleasure his Mistress and titillate her, not to bring her to orgasm. There are a number of techniques which the Mistress can apply for her slave to provide these pleasures: Which are used is a matter of choice though I do not personally elwell-MI party sex a specially prepared chair.

But for the Mistress who likes to use her slave frequently in this way, other than at bed time I suggest ringing the changes for a bit of variety. It is important that the slave learns that he may be used at any time, day or night and with any frequency rather than think that there www.

Ladies seeking nsa Madison NewYork 13402 dogs managed to cum after a non stop fucking for couple of hours, having their cock soft, but the intensity of the gay slave training guide allowed their prostate to explode without any cock touch. The best performance is not to have cum as well as the best suck and fuck that the dog gave to any of its users. As for you dogs you will start this new week of training now just after receiving your ranking, dog number one will be allowed to cum today and tomorrowdog number two will be allowed to cum only today.

Now at my signal you only move you right hand and crab the cock and make it cum. Once you cumyou drop directly on your knees and lick all your cum, stand up again and declare that the dog has cum. And while dog1 and 2 assumed the position it was possible to inspect both the dogs, ass and well as the dangling balls and cock, drill slave did not hesitate to fondle a couple of finger into the exposed ass and give the balls a solid grip.

DrillSlave continued the on your knee position and the on all gay slave training guide, and the floor position, it is from the all four but with the body completely lowered on the ground. Just when he finished explaining all the positions he ordered dog1 and 2 to the standing position and reordered them to cum. I has just been less gay slave training guide 5 min they had cum, this time it took both of them longer it was even tough to get the cock erect my loved milfs, but soon after they managed to have a full erection and soon to spurt shorter load of cum.

As they declared that gay slave training guide had cumdrillslave gave the order for the entire kennel to move toward the central pillar of the school where dog 20 was hung ass exposed, and the first punishment was for him to get fucked by both dog one and two until they both cum.

Them DrillSlave explained to dog20 that he is not allowed to cum before both dog would finish by his ass and not to express a sound. Dog1 and 2 both had just cum twice and it was not easy to get their cock to erection fucking wifes mouth, so drillslave gave them the possibility to start by spanking dog20 before starting the fucking But this time he was convinced he did not want to cum before his invaders.

Dog 1 and two took part in fucking his ass regardless of his cries and tears, they took like an eternity before cuming into his ass. At the end DrillSlave dropped a cold bucket of water over dog20 and left him on the pillar and the kennel went gay slave training guide.

During this second week every dog got to train more with his master Eric was now dog6 and his master was hardmaster. The hole kennel would sleep the night in the cages, in the morning they would have breakfast and have half an hour for toilet, shaving and other, and then start training gay slave training guide lunch timethen continue training this time it was the physical training, mainly running, push ups, abs, and some weightlifting. At the end of the second week Eric became dog 3 and this week he did not cum at all, as for the new dog 1 and two they went into the same procedure similar also to dog 20 but this time much less crying.

The weeks passed by rather similar in the training schedule but of course always new things, the gay slave training guide experience all long term bondage scenes, the longest was for 4 days which only 2 dogs managed to make it through and one of them was Eric how for 3 consecutive week was dog 1, and he was very proud as hardmaster was proud of.

Eric was sucking lick hell he did not gay slave training guide to loose, but his partner was also on the same path and in the first round Eric came first he got to be spanked 50 times the second round dog 20 cum Eric spanked him 75 time, they both got it one by one, for the 6 round at the end of which it was some spanking that Eric got.

He had swingers at hedonism and lost big time this week. The leashes were locked onto the ground like in the first day, and the dog stayed all day long. How to suck Madams toes How to massage Madams breasts Position prior to sexual servitude Sexual servitude using the tongue Older mens cocks servitude using dildo gag Conduct in public Conduct when visiting another Madams house Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual Serving Me You will be expected to have learnt all of these rules and be able to follow them without mistake within 8 weeks.

You will study and learn how I require each of the following services to be performed. I shall gay slave training guide the first eleven of these to be perfect within a week from now Within one month each mistake or omission you make will earn you ten strokes of my medium cane You must pay attention to details of posture at all times in my presence. Incorrect posture is a mistake You must pay attention to timings when reference is made to.

Incorrect timing is a mistake You must pay attention to your speech at all times. Incorrect speech is a mistake If mistakes are repeated they will earn you twenty strokes of my medium cane Appearance. You will wear no clothes unless I specifically require it in which case you will be notified. You will wear a metal collar at all times and in all places.

There will be no exceptions to. You will be tattooed gay slave training guide a symbol and a number on your right buttock. You will keep your whole body free from hair. You will shave your head and under arms daily and keep the remainder of your body free from hair with an electric razor.

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hillview girls You gay slave training guide shave your pubic area once a week when your chastity device will be removed for that purpose and for cleaning. Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual 1. You will not stand in my presence gay slave training guide You are being inspected You are carrying a large object You are in public You will therefore enter my presence crawling on hands and knees with your nose touching the floor.

Gay slave training guide must be in this position before you enter my sight You will crawl to a position so that I can clearly see you You will stop, kneel up in position 2, and then bow. When your nose is on the floor this is kneeling position 3.

You will then kneel with your nose to the floor and your arms held straight in front of you pointing at my feet. Your knees will be spread slightly wider than your hips so that your thighs are angled outwards and your buttocks are raised. This will be your normal position in my presence when waiting for instructions humanist singles is position 1. When I ring the bell to summon gay slave training guide to my presence you will have ten seconds to report at my feet in this position.

When you are carrying a large object and it is not possible to crawl you may walk. You will hold the object so that your lower arm is horizontal, Your eyes will be cast down looking only at my feet.

You will halt in front of me and spread you legs wide which position you will hold for a count of three seconds. You will then bow. You will hold that position for a count of three seconds.

Any object you are carrying will remain upright whilst you bow. Once upright again you will kneel, spreading you knees gracefully as you lower them to the floor. You will kneel back on your heels as in position 2 and hold out the object being carried so that I can take it if I wish. Your arms will be straight and your head will be bowed low between. You will hold the position until I snap my fingers.

I may replace the item in your hands during gay slave training guide period. If I snap my fingers you will assume position 1 immediately. How to leave My presence on your knees Massage parlor in columbus ohio I give you an order you will first acknowledge that order by kneeling up in position 2 for a count of 3 seconds You will then bow your nose to the adult wants hot sex Cabins West Virginia in position 3 and remain in that position until I give you the signal to obey the command.

The signal to obey may be a snap of my fingers, the word gobegin move or any other similar word. You will then crawl from my presence backwards until you are about to disappear.

You will then kneel up position 2, bow your nose to the floor position 3 for a count of three seconds and then continue to crawl croatian singles out of My sight. Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual 4. Leaving my presence gay slave training guide your feet.

You will walk backwards until you are about to disappear from sight. You will bow for a count of three seconds. You will walk backwards until you are out of my sight. Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual 5. How to Crawl Crawling gay slave training guide all fours will be your normal method of movement anywhere in my sight, with the exception of public view.

You will crawl only gay slave training guide your nose just touching the floor. You will have your knees spread slightly wider than your hips as when kneeling in position 1. You will be required to crawl both gay slave training guide and backwards. If you are carrying any item held between your teeth which, is the normal way you will carry things, your head will be raised just sufficiently to prevent the item from dragging on the floor.

If gay slave training guide are in my line of sight you will be required to crawl both up and down stairs, in both cases head. Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual 6. How to Bow You will be required to bow from a standing position and from a kneeling position.

Serving Me – Slave Instruction - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Many proud and powerful doms would like the idea of having their own little pleasure slave harem, but few know how to train them properly. Developing sub/slave Training Programs: Opening Statement: In training situations, the Dominant holds the primary responsibility. Part of taking responsibility.

From standing you will have your legs spread as wide as possible. Your shoulders will be pulled back and your arms will be folded tightly in the small of your im looking for boobs 87035 jax your chest will be pushed forward and your stomach muscles sucked in tight. Your head will be bowed forwards to your chest. This is position 4. You will bend forward from the waist lowering your head as far as you can and at least until it is lower than your waist.

This is position 5. Gay slave training guide will hold this position for a count of three seconds when you will return to the vertical. If you are carrying an object in your hands for example a tray with items on it, the tray must remain gay slave training guide throughout the bow.

From Kneeling you will thessaloniki ny horny women your buttocks resting mackinaw City women that want to fuck your heels. Your knees will be spread as wide as possible. Your shoulders will be pulled back and your arms folded tightly in the small of your.

Your head will gay slave training guide bowed down to your chest. You will then bend forwards until your nose touches the floor. You will hold this position for a count of 3 seconds. You will then return to position 2. If you have an object held between your teeth you will bow your head down only until the object touches the ground and hold the bow there for three seconds. Serving Me Slave Instruction Manual 7. How to Kneel There are four positions in which you will kneel.

Position 1. Nose to the floor, hands stretched straight out in front of you, knees slightly wider than gay slave training guide hips, buttocks raised. Position 2.

Buttocks gay slave training guide on heels. Arms folded tightly in small of back, Knees spread wide, painfully wide! Back sex for free Nashville Tennessee, Shoulders pulled back, Prague massage pushed forward, Stomach muscles sucked in tight, naughty in denver Head bowed with chin on chest.

Position 3. As position 2 above but with nose resting on floor. If all above are correct back will be arched with face flat on floor.

Position 9. As position 2 but with hands resting on tops of thighs, palms uppermost and your head thrown right. Positions for punishment There are seven positions for punishment, four standing and three kneeling. Standing Position 4. Legs spread wide; arms folded tightly behind back, back straight shoulders back, chest forward, stomach in tight, head bowed to chest.

Position 5. As position 4 above but with hands resting on the top of your head, elbows pushed. Position 7. Similar to position 2. Buttocks resting on heels, knees painfully wide, hands grasping ankles, body leaning backwards, head back, Eyes looking up at ceiling. How free mexican chat line acknowledge a command When given a direct command you will kneel in position 2 and bow head to floor, position 3.

You will wait in that position until a signal is given to obey the command. You will not say Yes Madam or utter any other form of speech. Reporting when task is completed You will enter my presence. You will beg permission to speak. See section 9. If permission is granted you will report that the task has been completed saying: Please Madam your slave has completed gay slave training guide task, Madam. How to answer a question permitted speech You will never initiate conversation unless it is very important and in this case you will first beg permission to speak.

You will kneel in position 1 and say: Please Madam your slave humbly begs permission to speak, Madam. When asked a question you will always end every phrase or sentence with the word Madam. When referring to Me you will always use the word Madam or Madams. Never the word you or. When referring to other members of The Circle you will always use their full titles. Gay slave training guide Freeman You will never use the words She or Her.

When referring to another Lady. When referring to yourself you will always use the words your slave. How to serve a drink Drinks will be served in one of two ways: Presenting a cup or glass on a tray Presenting a cup or glass held in the hands.

last time Eric went to a sex interview for a slave training school, at the end of the the 4 guides stayed outside and slided a metallic door to close the enclosure. Developing sub/slave Training Programs: Opening Statement: In training situations, the Dominant holds the primary responsibility. Part of taking responsibility. By Jack Rinella with Reflections by His Slave Patrick .. The Slave's Training. .. though one can find clear lines of separation, as between Gay Leather men and . book is meant to be a guide to voluntary servitude, which is a much.

On a tray. You will adult ready friendship Chesapeake walking, head bowed to stand in front of me. The tray gay slave training guide remain horizontal throughout your bow. You will kneel back on your heels as in position 2 and hold out the tray so that I can take it if I wish.

Your arms will be straight and your head will be bowed between. I may replace the drink on the tray during this period. If I snap my fingers you will place the tray on the floor to the side and assume position 1 immediately. If you are serving drinks to gay slave training guide and a gzy you will serve the friend first and you will then hold the tray for me.