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I Am Look Horny People Funny facebook wall posts for friends

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Funny facebook wall posts for friends

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I Am Searching Horny People Funny facebook wall posts for friends

This topic is locked from further discussion. Something embarrassing about yourself Whicker89 Follow Forum Posts: I lul'd.

This is normally the first thing that comes to anyone's head when they quickly need to pull off a Facebook prank. This is normally the first thing naked girl asians thinks to post when a girl leaves her Facebook on fr pranking!

Here's an tor of a very well done Fraping on funny facebook wall posts for friends guy's Facebook profile when he left his account logged in. His friends seized the opportunity to get on to his unattended profile and post multiple weird and funny status updates.

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This college guy left his iPhone laying around in his dorm. His roommates took it, went on to his Facebook app, and fraped him!

They uploaded a funny gay picture and posted a funny Frape status. A weird but funny Facebook status prank posted on this guy's Facebook page when he left it logged on!

This is a very gay Frape status posted on this guys Facebook page when he left it logged on round his friend's house! This would be even funnier if the victim was a homophobic jerk.

A funny relationship change Facebook prank on a college guy's Facebook page. A funny Facebook status update prank on a college guy's Facebook page by roommates! This is a real screen shot of a funny Frape prank on a guy's Facebook page!

This a great example of a status update prank. This guy won't leave his Facebook logged on again after his roommates went on to it and posted a funny and embarrassing Frape status!


A rather drunk status update prank on a guy's Facebook account! His drunk friends got onto his page when he wasn't looking and posted a funny and weird status update. When this boy left his Facebook logged on at work, his friend went on his profile and joined loads of Justin Beiber groups and pages!

This article is all about very funny Facebook status messages written by real people. But if you stopped posting about other things and made this your status , yours make you fat it makes you lean against tables, chairs, walls, floors and . My friends status said, “standing on the edge of a cliff:/” so i poked him. Being on social media is all about posting funny wall photos with Saying you can ruin a friendship with sex is like saying you will ruin ice. Funny Facebook Wall Posts that Will Get Likes; Funny Facebook Status Lines button to get friends on Facebook, it'll show “No one wants to be your friend”?.

He only realized wa,l he had become a fan of so many Justin Beiber fan pages when someone posted on his wall and asked him if he likes the pop star. A funny and clever Facebook prank.

I Want Man Funny facebook wall posts for friends

A very funny prank status update on a guys Facebook page with some funny comments! This is an embarrassing Frape status update which makes the Frape victim look very weird!

Here is another example of a Frape prank status on a girl's Facebook account. Her friends also changed her profile picture to a weird pic of a man! A classic embarrassing picture of a Frape status and Fraping.

More hilarious Frape statuses on Facebook! This college girl leaves her Facebook unattended and gets Fraped by her friend. He posts a funny, weird Frape status and an embarrassing Frape status!

This is a great example for ideas of Frape statuses on Facebook. This is a great and amusing idea for when you Frape your friends on Facebook.

If you get on to your friend's Facebook account, change their birthday to a completely different day. Hopefully they won't realize their garden lesbians has been changed and then they'll get a funny surprise when people who don't know them very well start wishing them Happy Birthday!